After working at very large multi-national companies to super small start-ups in multiple industries domestically and internationally, we came to see a need for hyper-focused, hyper-productive and well-experienced people capable of going into most any situation, understanding what problems needed to be solved and then delivering practical solutions to market as requested. With the goal of delighting customers and generating revenue, it seemed too many companies and projects lost sight of the target and failed to deliver as planned, if anything at all.

Ajilus (a-jill-us) was born out of desire to bring outside perspective and delivery capability to seemingly overwhelmed organizational, operational and software system delivery projects, large and small. We are designed to get in and get out. We have no desire to stay or become permanent fixtures in your organization. We want to know your goals and deliver value now.


We know how to discover, define, prioritize, build, deliver and support software systems across the full breadth of a product lifecycle, as well as, the full depth and breadth of the stack and system architecture itself. We’re personally familiar and practiced with iterative delivery behaviors, paired programming, test and behavioral-driven development, continuous integration, inspection, testing in all forms, and continuous delivery. We’re prepared to observe and reflect from a distance, partner and pair with your teams on-site or simply define and deliver software systems for you in a manner that, unlike most consulting models today, allows you to choose when you’re done spending money as we sojourn together rather than being surpised when it is too late in the timeline and project spend to recover from missed objectives.

Rarely is the most important conversation about technology. More often it is a business, throughput or value problem which revealed itself through technical symptoms.



In his book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni clearly identifies that without transparency, there is no trust and without trust, there is no team. Having grown up through the ranks of small and very large, geographically distributed teams, like many people, we’ve seen healthy and unhealthy environments, hyper-productive and counter-productive teams, members and leadership, as well as, seen projects succeed or fail sometimes purely based upon leadership solvency or vacuums and clarity or absence of purpose. We have expertise in building and evolving teams that willingly deliver at and above expectation. We’re prepared to help you design and build new teams and evolve existing ones.

Building a group of co-located people assigned to a goal and building a hyper-productive team are not the same thing. It starts with valuing people by being a transparent leader.



We have extensive experience in delivering small to very large software systems. Resultantly, we have experience with Project Management Institute (PMI), Prince2, Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) and Agile Body of Knowledge deliverable behaviors. We know what a project should look like at inception, while in-flight and whether a project is healthy, unhealthy, heading towards success or failure. At the end of the day it matters less what project management method you have chosen and most whether you are actually going to deliver as scheduled, as budgeted, as defined with an ability to make money rather than so easily spend it. At the end of a project, no one is going to ask you which method you used; they are going to ask if you did what you set out to do correctly and competely and you made money.

Bring us in to help you design a new project. Bring us in to help you determine if a project is healthy and will deliver as projected. Bring us in to overhaul an existing project that does not seem to be delivering or has no chance of succeeding if left alone. We’ll help you succeed by coming alongside you in a coaching and mentoring capacity, or we’ll simply take over the project, bring it back online and finish what you envisioned from the beginning.

It is easy to implement a methodology and call it a deliverable. Absent deliverables that generate revenue, methodologies are academic exercises in spending someone else's money.



We specialize in organizational change and operational efficiencies in medium to large and particularly very large institutions, especially when an organization discovers (or admits) that the way they are operating today is not delivering results consistently, well or at all. Ajilus builds teams, brings projects and organizations into alignment with goals and will help you reduce operational costs, compresses return on investment windows and help your organization or institution begin delivering useful, working products and services to your customers and partners. We’re willing to lead others to lead or own the work to conclusion.

First, what is the problem we need to solve? Second, what do we need in order to solve said problem? When throughput revenue is priority one, org charts and kingdoms frequently get in the way. Build teams for delivery. Eliminate everything else.


Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Matthew Edwards

Mr. Edwards is a seasoned executive with twenty years of experience, is an expert in overhauling failed and failing programs and projects, building, equipping and honing teams and aligning operations to shareholder expectations. Mr. Edwards has experience in all aspects of product to market operations, identifying and eliminating organizational, operational and delivery pipeline waste and leading geographically distributed implementations and operations.

Mr. Edwards works as an international technical and business consultant, writer, researcher, technology investment analyst and speaker with a focus on large systems development, production implementation and evolution. He has multiple professional certifications from the Quality Assurance Institute in software quality, the Institute of Configuration Management and Arizona State University in large system change and configuration management architectures, as well as, a Masters Degree in Diplomacy. Mr. Edwards well experienced in international travel/living/working, diplomacy and negotiation, particularly in developing countries, with focus and expertise on large systems development, production implementation and evolution favoring projects that require high scalability, fault tolerance, SEI CMM 3 traceability and auditability intent on market disruption.

Mr. Edwards’ current and past roles include: Partner at Ajilus Consulting, Head of Technology at Dwolla, COO at Appcore Technology, COO at Big Africa, CIO at GeoLearning, technical consultant at Motorola, Nationwide Insurance and Computer Sciences Corporation supporting both domestic and foreign very large government and private institutions. Through his career Mr. Edwards has worked along the entire systems engineering delivery chain from coffee napkin through production implementation, support, evolution and sunset. Industry experiences include cellular telecommunications infrastructure, cellular telecommunications billing, satellite communications infrastructure, cable, high availability platforms, financial services, health, e-learning, insurance, mortgage, cloud and security.

For personal time, Mr. Edwards enjoys time with his family, traveling, keeping up with foreign policy and international affairs, hiking, camping, hunting, diving and modifying his 1999 Toyota LandCruiser for overlanding expeditions inside and outside the United States.

Ryan Skow

Mr. Skow has been a full stack developer since 1998. Throughout his career, he has worked with large to very large software teams at Motorola, Shazam, Allied Insurance, Farm Bureau, and John Deere, as well as, several small companies in a variety of industries including cellular infrastructure, finance, insurance and agriculture.

Mr. Skow has designed and implemented software solutions from the ground up, as well as, worked within and helped evolve existing enterprise architectures with a focus of delivering consumer-driven business value early and frequently thereby enabling the customer options to quickly pivot when needed. Being a full stack developer, Mr. Skow is capable of doing anything from database design, business logic development and user interface implementation.

The Agile body of knowledge, especially lean development concepts, are particularly exciting for Mr. Skow. While technology and development practices are extremely interesting, Ryan never loses sight of the goal of delivering a working system which is useful by managing the cost of acquisition to cost of ownership and return on investment goals alongside the customer’s business and behavioral needs, wants and desires.

Mr. Skow enjoys spending time with his family, playing his guitar, going fishing and playing board games.

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